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This month from the Editor

Here we are …… May

So, how’s it going? I mean your (possibly) new ways to try new things on the wine front. Opening the mind, taste-buds and not overly the bank balance. Quality at good value. That’s what we need. And let’s not forget food either. Is it true that wine lovers are also foodies? Discuss.

I am very pleased to say our audience, continues to grow – that’s you. Thanks. Our social media likes and followers are now starting to come from far and wide. Bonjour and Hola!

Coming along soon, we’ll meet the Rioja winemaker who just loves egg and chips (what – no chorizo or patatas bravas !!), we talk to a proper sommelier about how to read a wine list and not fear asking questions, and we will visit (or have visited) the Exeter Food Festival. I’ll be slinking around casually at the London Wine Fair, trying to impress, and failing,and we continue to champion English Wine. If you have a vineyard please get in touch at info@vinelives.com – we’d love to hear from you and maybe feature you.

Here’s a thought. Once in France, I noted to a Frenchman of a certain age that interestingly, there was little or no New World wine in the supermarket, and that there were indeed wines from many other countries of great interest that maybe ought to be there too. He looked at me, thought deeply (or was that distain?), paused for what felt like 10 hours, and then uttered the immortal words, “…….well we taught them all they know.” Ah. There we left it.

We are also offering our professional film making skills and PR knowledge as a unique service, so do ask about this. We can tell you more.

Final thought, I have a very small vine – in a very small garden – which provides lovely shade for us sun avoiders. Wine? No. It produces a few small green bitter bullets. However, the leaves are starting to shoot so we can always have hope for shade. Just to say Chateau Slade 2018 won’t be available this year – again. The global wine market crashes in shock.

Keep watching and writing in.

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Chris Slade
Editor, VineLives

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