We’re talking some 35 years ago! Then a beer drinking youngster, working for BBC Local Radio in Bristol, I met an enthusiastic and engaging man who loved the subject of wine and could communicate his enthusiasm as well. I was then hooked. Not as somebody wanting to study endlessly, but as someone who loves the joy and pleasure wine brings and is eager to learn as much as possible about how it’s made and how it works through stories about people.

With a career in BBC and ITV journalism, radio and tv presenting and production, my day job has been about discovering the story, and then making  that clear and engaging for anyone. Human stories, successes and, yes, failures, are all part of it. I’ve studied wine in a small way, filmed in many vineyards and met all sorts of characters and learnt fascinating things.

Vinelives sets out to share my enthusiasm, limitless curiosity and sheer joy for a process that raises just growing grapes and crushing  them, into a fine art.  Whatever your budget, the stories still apply.

As Editor, this won’t just be me – we have other experts, amateur enthusiasts, wine makers and you – the audience. Get involved.  Sign up now, and I’ll ensure we bring you special offers and exclusives as well as great articles, videos, pictures and content.  

From me and the great Vinelives team, welcome to Vinelives and enjoy!