Our Top 5 Wine Cocktails this Summer


Summer is nearly here. Which means that it’s almost time to wipe off the garden furniture and dust off your cocktail glasses in preparation for the warmer evenings. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your favourite cocktails whilst you relax in the garden, and there are some amazing wine cocktails out there that are delicious and easy to make.

Here are our Top 5 Wine Cocktails to enjoy this summer:

  1. Bellini – a Bellini is the perfect combination of peach puree and prosecco. Easy to make and delicious, it is the perfect cocktail for a summer’s evening.

  2. Mimosa – created with equal measures of both champagne and orange juice, mimosas are a favourite at weddings but can also be enjoyed without the nuptials!

  3. Kir Royal – a French cocktail which combines crème de cassis and champagne. They are an aperitif and great to enjoy before a meal.

  4. Sangria – bring a touch of Spain into your home with this delicious cocktail made from a combination of red wine, chopped fruit and orange juice.

  5. Spritzer – usually made with white wine and sparkling water, it is a great refreshing drink to enjoy with friends on a hot summer’s day.

Are there any wine cocktails that you think deserve to be in our Top 5? What are your favourite wine cocktails to drink in the summer evenings? Let us know.