Exeter Food and Drink Festival 2018

With the sunshine out recently, we sent our intrepid reporter Kat Archer to this celebration of all things foodie ……….and asked her to report back… here she is…..

When offered with the chance to attend Exeter Food and Drink Festival, how could I refuse?  

Alfresco dining, free sampling and good vibes;  I jumped at the chance.  Hence, on Saturday 5th May I attended the festival which was running over three days, celebrating locally sourced produce of the utmost quality.

On the day, you couldn’t have asked for better weather, the sun was shining and there was a warmth in the spring air. The festival was bursting with life around every corner and the atmosphere was vibrant, everyone was in high spirits.

From wines to cheeses, to pizza and gin; there was an eclectic mix of goods on offer. The majority of the produce was made locally by passionate individuals with a desire to create foods ethically and with love. The stalls were bustling with people eager to get a taste of some of the products, filling their boots with samples bursting with flavour. Award-winning cheeses were a particular hit.  I stood watching as individuals consumed samples until they were blue in the face. To wash down the tasty treats, a diverse range of refreshments were available. Glasses of wine, prosecco and pints of fruity cider were flowing as people relaxed on the grass soaking up the sun and admiring their latest purchases.

The Darts Farm teepees had all you could desire with regards to succulent meats and velvety cheeses, including  demonstrations  on how to make certain products and a chance to join the feast. However, if farm-sourced produce wasn’t for you there was a vast number of vegan/vegetarian stalls to curb the festival hunger. These stalls offered ethically sourced goods and meat-free and dairy-free alternatives that looked delectable. Nothing was lacking in these dishes which were full of flavour and full on taste providing healthy alternatives with a guilt-free conscience. There truly was something at the festival for everyone to savour.

When it was time to seek some shade, I entered the cooking tent where there were cooking demonstrations to relish, performed by two chefs with an evident passion for flavoursome foods.

I found it remarkable to witness two talented individuals with such fervour for food and a wholesome knowledge of cooking, combining a mixture of unfamiliar ingredients to create a mouth-watering masterpiece.

As I continued exploring, I visited the adjacent venue; Exeter Castle, with a range of street food stalls making the lunch choice a very difficult one. Live music played in the background amplifying the buzz and allowing people to get lost in all that the festival had to offer.

The day spent at Exeter Food and Drink festival opened my eyes to experimenting with foods outside my comfort zone and provided the opportunity to meet the people and learn about the processes behind the food and drink I take pleasure in. The spring sunshine enhanced the vibrant atmosphere and made the festival a really fun day out for all. More please.