Branding with Blood!

Heavy red curtains? At the recent London Wine Fair, as I was wandering around, I saw a mass of deep blood-red curtaining over the many heads of the crowd. 

As I followed my nose (wine joke there), some classy lighting and a large six foot high portrait loomed. Written above the array of bottles and a tall glamorous woman, also in red (I suspect the same curtaining material in dress form), was the word “Dracula”. Oh. This is worth a look – I thought. The wine I mean.

A typical “Dracula” Castle…….for no particular reason.

D Picture3.png

It turns out, this is a clever bit of branding. The wines, reds and whites, plus some spirits,  are from Romania. Some are made in the Transylvania region – so the legend proves a very useful catch.

The country is one of the oldest wine producing areas in the world, going back 4000 years. But during the Communist era it all went a bit wrong apparently, but the revival is on, or, if you believe the hype, well and truly happening.  There are over 21 grape varieties grown, many I had never heard of before, and production is expanding, including collaboration with French and Italian expertise. So where does the Dracula thing come in?

The delightful ladies …… and portrait of Mr D.

D Picture4.png

Well as far as I can see it is a clever way of branding wines from all over Romania. Go online and look, and you’ll find a Romanian Wine UK company. You can buy online.

D Picture5.png

A modern Romanian Winery…….

So is this type of thing wrong? I don’t think so. If part of your country is the centre of one of the world’s greatest legends then why not use it to shout out. Quality is there, but personally I’m not convinced the price is quite there – Dracula Wines start at around £11 and go up to over £35.  Bit pricey? Happy to be told otherwise.

Have a look at

One thing…..a few dribbles of red down the label actually look great. Don’t have nightmares.

D Picture6.png