A drip of red

Here’s a further little bon mot from the London Wine Fair of May. I was approached by somebody who said “Oh you must see Edgar!” He’s an artist in wine. So I did.

In my stupidity I thought he would paint canvases showing rolling vineyards, or stacks of barrels sitting silently in some deep dark cellar, or posh glasses and bottles resting on crisp white linen. Or he is somebody who likes to paint with nearly a bottle of cheap red inside him! “For the inspiration you understand!”  All untrue.

Edgar Lizarazu  (www.elizarazu.com)  is an extremely skilled artist who paints IN WINE. He uses red wine as paint.

He is based in Japan (doesn’t matter where you live these days does it?), and is experimenting in wine painting. He likes the female form.

Have a look ...