Tips from some of the best sommeliers


It’s fair to say that as a waiter or sommelier, you get people ordering a multitude of alcoholic drinks on a daily basis. We found a great article from which proves that it’s sometimes a good idea to think ‘outside the box’. Here are some highlights from the article:

“I never get ‘sick’ of people ordering wine, but I’d say I get tired of guests gravitating towards their ‘safe’ wines. That is to say, the wines that they already know they like.”

Nathan Lithgow, Sommelier, Sauvage

“Doesn’t matter what it is, my advice is to break out of your wine drinking shell and try something new.”

Matt Kaner, Wine Director and Owner of Bar Covell, Augustine Wine Bar, Dead or Alive Bar, AM/FM Wines

“Wine is about pleasure; don’t feel pressured into a bottle that is too expensive or not your style, simply because you think that is what the sommelier or restaurant wants you to drink. The best food and wine pairing is the one you like.”

Victoria James, Beverage Director, Piora & Cote restaurants, author of the forthcoming DRINK PINK, A Celebration of Rosé

“I particularly enjoy guiding the adventurous, ‘I usually like this, what should I try?’ experience.”  Kimberly Prokoshyn, Head Sommelier, Rebelle

So maybe next time you’re out having dinner or a drink, go for something a little different and see where it takes you!



What’s in a label?

What’s in a label?

How often do you find yourself staring at a selection of wine bottles in a supermarket, not really knowing which one to choose? And, how often do you then find yourself choosing the bottle with the label that you like most? If that sounds familiar, then you are not alone.