Is wine actually good for us?


Let’s face it, it seems that if you really want to find evidence that something is good for you, you can pretty much guarantee that if you look for long enough, you’ll find it.

For some time now, stories have been popping up on our social media feeds that wine is good for our health, and that, quite frankly, has been music to our ears.

Here are a few examples of some of the headlines that we’ve noticed:

Two glasses of red wine a day can be good for your heart’ – The Express

Red wine is bad for you, say experts’ – Daily Telegraph

White wines bad for the teeth’ – BBC

… and so on. There are literally hundreds of articles either proving or disproving that wine is good for us.

Recently a news article on Global News, a Canadian website, has suggested that there are other reasons why wine drinkers may be amongst the healthiest of us. They found evidence in a Finnish study that revealed: “Consumption of wine with meals was associated with high socioeconomic status and high subjective well-being.”

Therefore, wine drinkers tend to be wealthy and so whilst they may drink wine, they also have the funds to eat fresh, healthy food and that they don’t rely on ready meals and high in sugar snacks.

Another paper found that these wealthier groups of people tend to drink more moderately instead of bingeing, and they tend to exercise more.

The article concludes that alcohol is still alcohol, regardless of how much you spend on it. If you enjoy a healthy lifestyle, eat the right foods and exercise, you are less likely to suffer from heart disease than somebody who doesn’t do those things.

“The numerous studies linking alcohol to increased risk of breast cancer, heart disease and other ailments all state that exercise and a nutritious diet significantly mitigate the negative health effects of alcohol.

But if you think drinking a glass of wine a day is going to protect against disease, boost your health or expand your lifespan, you’d best think again.”