Sweet Treats for Wine Lovers


Sweet tooth? Then the folks at Lollyphile have got something for you. 

Lollyphile, a company based in San Francisco, have created the perfect sweet treat for wine lovers everywhere. And they’re even gluten free, vegan and kosher!

The company have been creating gourmet flavoured lollipops since they started in 2007, and they have now launched a whole range of wine flavoured lollies.

Whether you're a red or white wine fan there is a lollipop for you; the range includes Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and even Merlot flavoured sweet treats.

But the alcohol flavoured lollies don’t stop there; you can also buy mimosa, negroni, white russian, and stout beer flavoured ones. All this and no hangover! Lollyphile don’t use any alcohol in their products, so although they may taste the part, you can enjoy them whenever you like.

Check out their website and have a look at the amazing range of gourmet flavoured lollipops available to buy. Prices start at $8 for 4, and there are even multi-packs available if you can't choose your favourite, including a wine multipack and cocktail multipack

International shipping is available, so you could have your favourite wine flavoured sweet treats delivered straight to your door.