Winter Warmers On


So here we are, Christmas Puddings now on sale and the countdown to Christmas begins. Do you embrace this or are you “Humbuggian” about it? Whatever your views, this is also the time when wine world talks of “Winter Reds”.

So this got me thinking – is it possible to offer some definition to you? Let me be clear, and this will be oft repeated, I am not a wine expert. What I am is supremely fascinated by the subject and have a thirst (ouch!) for knowledge.  Vinelives is not setting out to be anything other than a place for interesting ideas and topics, no snobbery, and open minds only please. You probably know a lot more, so please feel free to comment. We want that.

Anyway, I suppose it’s about wines that are “warmer” and fuller in body. A sort of a “round the fire” wine. To this end, I’d suggest, re grape varieties, cabernet sauvignon alone is maybe too simplistic, needing a blend with something else (as in Bordeaux wines). And here’s something else, in all my years I have only just discovered that the Syrah grape (used in Norther Rhone wines from France for example) is also the same as the Shiraz grape in Australia.  Showing my limitless ignorance here.  I have since discovered that the original Shiraz grape was from the city of the same name in Iran – centuries ago. But not the same as today’s shiraz. (Good pub quiz one there.)

So, in terms of grape varieties and regions, look at the labels for French Rhone reds, Chilean Carmenere wines, Spanish reds from the Douro Valley, Portuguese reds from the Alentejo region, American Pinot Noir, or Argentinian Malbec.

Now we have an adventure ahead of us. Try just two and compare. That’s how your knowledge will grow.   

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