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This month from the Editor

July … lots more grapes this year

Just as a non-scientific record…….my tiddlers (as shown below). Yes, the garden vine – 0.00002 hectares, variety – not sure at all, production – zero, vintage prospects – consistently similar to last year – none.

I am sure you are all eager to know how these are progressing?? Lots more grapes this year. The so called “fruit set” happened well in May and these little hard beauties are growing. A monthly update you can all look forward to!! Oh yes! The so called “ripening” starts in July and August.

On other matters, some cracking stories coming up soon - my efforts at a proper tasting of aged white Rioja at the London Wine Fair a few weeks ago, how to a love of coffee and wine in a café, and a rather swish hotel that is part of a winery.

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I go and stare at the grapes. I know you want me to.


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Chris Slade
Editor, VineLives

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